Electro-Magnetic Fields and the Human Body

“If you wish to understand the secrets of the Universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Nicola Tesla

An electromagnetic field (EM field) is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. It affects the behaviour of charged objects in the vicinity of the field. The electromagnetic field extends indefinitely throughout space and describes the electromagnetic interaction.

Tiny electrical currents exist in the human body due to the chemical reactions that occur as part of the normal bodily functions, even in the absence of external electric fields. For example, nerves relay signals by transmitting electric impulses. Most biochemical reactions from digestion to brain activities go along with the rearrangement of charged particles. Even the heart is electrically active – an activity that your doctor can trace with the help of an electrocardiogram.electrons_spectrum

Biological effects are measurable responses to a stimulus or to a change in the environment. These changes are not necessarily harmful to your health. For example, listening to music, reading a book, eating an apple or playing tennis will produce a range of biological effects. Nevertheless, none of these activities is expected to cause health effects. The body has sophisticated mechanisms to adjust to the many and varied influences we encounter in our environment. Ongoing change forms a normal part of our life, but, of course, the body does not possess adequate compensation mechanisms for all biological effects. Changes that are irreversible and stress the system for long periods of time may constitute a health hazard. When exposed to electromagnetic fields, cells respond as if they are in distress.

Exposure to electromagnetic fields is not a new phenomenon. However, since the 20th century, environmental exposure to man-made electromagnetic fields has been steadily increasing as growing electricity demand, ever-advancing technologies and changes in social behaviour have created more and more artificial sources. Everyone is exposed to a complex mix of weak electric and magnetic fields, both at home and at work, from the generation and transmission of electricity, domestic appliances and industrial equipment, to telecommunications and broadcasting.

Low-frequency electric fields influence the human body just as they influence any other material made up of charged particles. When electric fields act on conductive materials, they influence the distribution of electric charges at their surface. They cause current to flow through the body to the ground.
Low-frequency magnetic fields induce circulating currents within the human body. The strength of these currents depends on the intensity of the outside magnetic field. If sufficiently large, these currents could cause stimulation of nerves and muscles or affect other biological processes.

Both electric and magnetic fields induce voltages and currents in the body but even directly beneath a high voltage transmission line, the induced currents are very small compared to those required for producing shock and other electrical effects. Because of the nature of energy, radiation is exponentially stronger the closer you are to it. Its strength actually decreases radially as you move away from it. In physics, it follows the inverse-square law. The intensity is proportional to 1/distance squared. This is why a lot of mobile phone manufacturers recommend you keep your mobile at least several inches away from your body at all times.

Heating is the main biological effect of the electromagnetic fields of radio-frequency fields. In microwave ovens this fact is employed to warm up food. The levels of radio-frequency fields to which people are normally exposed are very much lower than those needed to produce significant heating. The heating effect of radio-waves forms the underlying basis for current guidelines. Scientists are also investigating the possibility that effects below the threshold level for body heating occur as a result of long-term exposure. To date, no adverse health effects from low level, long-term exposure to radio-frequency or power frequency fields have been confirmed, but scientists are actively continuing to research this area.snapshot radio frequencies

It is not disputed that electromagnetic fields above certain levels can trigger biological effects. Experiments with healthy volunteers indicate that short-term exposure at the levels present in the environment or in the home do not cause any apparent detrimental effects. Exposures to higher levels that might be harmful are restricted by national and international guidelines. The current debate is centred on whether long-term low level exposure can cause biological responses and influence people’s well- being.

A look at the news headlines of recent years allows some insight into the various areas of public concern. Over the course of the past decade, numerous electromagnetic field sources have become the focus of health concerns, including power lines, microwave ovens, computer and TV screens, security devices, radars and most recently mobile phones and their base stations.
Typical electric field strengths measured near household appliances
(at a distance of 30 cm) (From: Federal Office for Radiation Safety, Germany 1999)
Electric appliance Electric field strength (V/m)-volts per metre

Stereo receiver 180
Iron 120
Refrigerator 120
Mixer 100
Toaster 80
Hair dryer 80
Colour TV 60
Coffee machine 60
Vacuum cleaner 50
Electric oven 8
Light bulb 5

Guideline values V/m 5000


If someone were to be exposed to radiation from EMF, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, it could result in anything from sunburn to cancer to death.black-couple-on-the-beach 1

Earthing (grounding) is the practice of connecting the body with earth by touching skin to a conductive material such as grass (preferably wet), wet sand, a river, lake or sea. It’s shown that through earth connection, one becomes more alkaline, less stressed, and has improved immune system, among other benefits. If you work in an office space in the concrete jungle of the city, make an effort to have natural plants indoors, spend a portion of your free time at home outside or on the grass during breaks, and make an effort to walk barefoot when possible. Remember, a radio that is not grounded does not function as well as one that is.
During the normal processes of metabolism the body generates what are called ‘reactive oxygen species’ which are commonly referred to as ‘free radicals’. These compounds appear to be important, at least in part because they have the ability to attack and destroy unwanted things within the body including bacteria and viruses. However, too many free radicals are a bad thing, and have been implicated in chronic disease and well as the very process of ageing.

Free radicals are involved in the process known as inflammation, which is part of the healing process. However, low-grade inflammation throughout the body may lead to pain and other problems in the muscles and joints, and is also believed to be a key driving factor in many chronic diseases including heart disease and type 2 diabetes. In short, we want free radicals, but not too many. Free radicals lack sparks of energy known as ‘electrons’. One way to quell them is to give them electrons, and these can be supplied by nutrients such as vitamins A, C and E, and plant substances known as ‘polyphenols’ (found in, among other things, tea, coffee, cocoa and apples). However, substances we eat and drink are not the only way to get electrons into the body: earthing (grounding) does this too. If the body has a positive charge on it, earthing  allows electrons to flow into the body where, in theory, they can neutralize   overblown free radical and inflammatory damage. The earth is the greatest source of electrons, having accumulated them over millennia from lightning strikes and the soles of the feet have more nerve endings than any other part of the body. Remember also that the biological name for electrons is antioxidants.

Carrying a positive charge may well affect the body in lots of different ways, which means that earthing may offer a range of wellbeing benefits. A fractal antenna is an antenna that can pick up a range of frequencies across the EMF spectrum. Two additional features of your DNA that fulfill the requirements of a fractal antenna are that electrons in DNA conduct electricity, and the fact that the DNA is coiled within the nucleus. The human body is constructed with a fractal antenna inside each and every cell, which responds to the entire range of frequencies on the EMF spectrum! What this means is that it would be foolish to focus on just one frequency, because we are bombarded with ALL of these frequencies, from low ELF’s to microwaves, to ionizing radiation.
Thomas Dekker said, “sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” That was back in the 17th century. It turns out that he was right. Sleep is now known to be a highly active process. If you want to improve anything, it starts with sleep. It heals illness and reduces stress. Like diet and exercise, sleep is a pillar of wellness.Image result for images of microwaves computers and mobile phones

The average person usually doesn’t realize they are jeopardizing their health by innocently clicking away on the computer or talking on a cordless phone. Linked with cancer, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, miscarriage and a host of other devastating diseases, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are a serious modern concern. And exposure is almost impossible to avoid. But with diet and a measure of awareness, the dangers of EMFs can be reduced.

Microwave – Cancerous growths, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, hair loss, muscle and heart impairment, blurred vision and increased cholesterol.

Computer – Erratic heartbeat, sleep disorders, miscarriage, severe headaches, thyroid malfunction, loss of energy, stress, dizziness, poor memory and decreased libido.

Mobile phone – Insomnia, memory loss, dizziness, nausea, poor concentration, hair thinning, eye problems, respiratory complaints, tinnitus, brain tumours and aneurisms.

Needless to say, protecting oneself from EMFs is crucial for well- being. To protect yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation, you have three considerations.
1. Time of exposure
2. Distance from exposure
3. Shielding yourself from exposure

Completely avoiding electromagnetic radiation is impossible. Yet minimizing exposure lessens the damaging impact on health. The first rule of thumb is to turn off and unplug appliances when not in use. Next, avoid Wi-Fi networks — especially in the home. Fully charging laptops and then unplugging when ready for use is another way to minimize EMF exposure. If the computer needs to be connected to a power source, make sure plugs and power strips are located far away from the body. Steer clear of halogen and fluorescent lighting. Both technologies produce substantial EMFs. LCD lighting is a safe alternative. Cordless phone? Avoid DECT (digitally enhanced cordless telecommunications) technology it transmits a strong radio frequency signal, even when idle. Keep the handset away from the body by activating speaker mode. The same applies to mobile phones. If this isn’t possible, use a tube headset. Even with lower levels of exposure, it is still important to fortify the body in order to avert health issues. . Unplug appliances

Besides wasting energy, electronics when plugged in emit higher EMF’s. Coffee pot, curling iron, microwave, printer, computer, etc…, if it’s not in use, save energy and curb the damage you may be doing to yourself. Keep your bedroom clear from as many electrical conveniences as possible. Never leave your laptop around your sleeping area; within 3 feet of your head, EMF emitting technologies can interfere with your sleep and inhibit your regenerative patterns through the night. Remember that inadequate sleep reduces the amount of melatonin produced by your pineal gland. In October of 2007, the German government advised its public to avoid using Wi-Fi because of the possible health risk they pose. Strong waves from Wi-Fi, which emit electromagnetic radiation even when they aren’t in use, can be curbed by avoiding the installation of cord-free internet. Use the free internet at the cafe down the street instead and save some money while you’re at it. When using a mobile phone, use the speaker or headphones. Do not use a Blue-tooth wireless headset: combined with the phone, it can exceed even the current inadequate safety limits. Children should not use mobile or cordless phones except during an emergency because they are far more vulnerable to mobile phone radiation than adults, due of their thinner skull bones.

Reduce Your Mobile Phone Use: Turn your mobile phone off more often. Reserve it for emergencies or important matters. As long as your mobile phone is on, it emits radiation intermittently, even when you are not actually making a call.

Use a Land Line at Home and at Work: Although more and more people are switching to using mobile phones as their exclusive phone contact, it is a dangerous trend.

Reduce or Eliminate Your Use of Other Wireless Devices: You would be wise to cut down your use of these devices. Just as with mobile phones, it is important to ask yourself whether or not you really need to use them every single time. If you must use a portable home phone, use the older kind that operates at 900 MHz. They are no safer during calls, but at least many of them do not broadcast constantly even when no call is being made.
Prevent and repair damage

Grounding (Earthing) the body as well as using key foods and supplements improves resilience to EMFs. Earthing is an excellent practice to ward off the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields. Simply stand barefoot on a dewy patch of grass or walk along a sandy beach for at least ten minutes each day. A nutrient rich diet is also essential. Below is a list of edibles and super-foods that protect against EMFs.

Iodine, vitamin D3, sea vegetables, spirulina, noni, curcumin (from turmeric), B-complex vitamins, melatonin a very powerful antioxidant produced during sleep), tulsi (Holy Basil), omega-3 fatty acids, glutathione (a super antioxidant produced by the body itself), sulphur, selenium, zincRoastedBeets.jpg Avocado and beet

In addition, consuming high Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) foods is vital to prevent and heal DNA damage from EMFs. Good choices include: artichokes, cranberries, red beans, pecans, pomegranate seeds, rosemary, asparagus, blueberries, walnuts, prunes, cruciferous vegetables, cinnamon, dates, broccoli and cilantro. Always remember to select organic for ultimate nutritional power. 

Even though living in an age of Wi-Fi and all sorts of EMF spewing gadgets is hazardous, we don’t have to be victims of this invisible menace. Pay attention to your diet, ground the body and unplug appliances whenever possible. By taking these precautions and proactive steps, modern living need not be so dangerous. A better place for your phone is in your backpack, purse, or briefcase; electromagnetic radiation diminishes rapidly beyond 3 feet, making it a safer option. A mobile phone is relatively neutral to carry on your person if in ‘flight’ mode or ‘off line; however, if that is not an option, make sure the keypad is positioned towards your body and the battery facing outward. Another tip is to exchange the side of your head you normally talk on with the phone.

Disclaimer: The contents and information based on this website are not intended to replace your one to one relationship with your doctor or health care professional. It is simply a sharing of information based on research from reliable and professional sources.