Reconnect and Live

Disconnection has been described as “a severance of all ties” which can take you to a lonely and painful place with far reaching physical and psychological consequences. When you disconnect, be it from family, culture or nature, be it consciously or subconsciously, you become a little island in the vast ocean of life with its storms and high seas, its joys and frustrations, its mountains and valleys but most profoundly of all its loneliness and emptiness. You cease to live life to the full, whether this be emotionally, socially or culturally because you are no longer connected to the sources of energy and vitality and if you are not plugged in your battery will only last so long, until you reconnect and recharge. Here are some aspects of disconnection.

Disconnection from Natureindex.jpg Disconnection from nature

Nowadays we spend so much time on computers and mobile phones that we no longer stop and appreciate the natural beauty that nature has provided for us, so in this way although we are connected, in a way, we are still empty and alone and disconnected. We cannot talk to the computer and although we may be able to communicate with a voice at the other end of a ‘phone it cannot compensate for the pleasure of seeing a smiling face or getting a warm hug. I recently came across a simple exercise called “Nature Deficit” which I will share with you. Take the amount of time you spend in front of your computer, texting, on Facebook and watching television and add them together. Next, take the amount of time you spend walking in the park, by the seaside, gardening or just interacting with nature and add them together. Subtract the lower figure from the higher and you have a deficit. Chances are that the higher figure was the TV, computer one. You are then said to have a “Nature Deficit”. The idea is you should have a surplus and not a deficit.
The oxygen we breathe is a by -product of plants and trees and the carbon dioxide we put out is their life force, so there is a fundamental relationship between us mammals and plants. Even when we eat plants they put oxygen in our cells, which reduces the risk of ill health and disease and even when we do not eat plants exposure to them in their natural environment has a positive impact on us, both physically and psychologically. So reconnecting to nature in every respect has many positive benefits. A walk in the woods, a day at the seaside, rambling through the countryside. We really should make time to “stand and stare”.

images.jpg Nature

Disconnection from Earth Energy

When you walk barefoot on the sand at the beach have you ever felt that a weight had lifted off your shoulders and you did not have a care in the world? I bet you attributed this to the fact that you were either having a day or two off from work or you were on holidays and for that period of time you were going to enjoy yourself, regardless. Perhaps there is another aspect to this that you have not considered or even thought about. I am referring to “Earthing” or “Grounding”. The same way radios do not function at their best when they are not earthed our bodies do not function at optimum level when we are not earthed or grounded. After all, we are not purely biological beings, we are also part electrical and need to be “earthed” and to do this we need to walk barefoot on mother earth. Earthing increases our energy, reduces stress, improves your mood, decreases joint and muscle pain, improves sleep patterns and reduces inflammation. Inflammation, you may recall, is a major cause of most degenerative diseases. The soles of our feet have more nerve endings than any other part of our body and when we put our bare feet on the ground we are taking in electrons (biologically-antioxidants) through the nerve endings at the bottom of our feet. Bear in mind that if you are wearing rubber, plastic or leather soles you are insolating yourself from these electrons the same way that normal electricity works. Also, if you are on asphalt, wood or concrete these act as insulators so you are still disconnected from the most powerful source of antioxidants, the earth.

black-couple-on-the-beach 1

Nowadays our bodies are exposed to more and more electro-magnetic waves through our reliance on technology. These waves are transmitted by mobile phones, television, wi-fi, computer and tablets which create an excess of positive electrons and free radicals in our bodies. Earthing neutralizes the electro-magnetic energy in our body so that it more closely resembles the energy level of the earth. So follow these easy ways to reconnect with earth’s energy. Get outside, if even for a few minutes and when you do take off your shoes and socks and put your bare feet on the ground. You can even sit outside in your garden and put your feet on wet grass. There are even grounding blankets that you can buy.

Disconnection from friends and family

Quite often this occurs when you feel that there is no one in the family or group of friends with whom you can share your thoughts, frustrations, joys, happiness and experiences. Unfortunately, we are living in times when families are dysfunctional and disjointed and people, young and old are spending more time on their own. Even in the home youngsters have their own space with all the mod cons and can connect with virtual friends by way of their computers and mobile phones. This virtual world is quite often lonely and empty because there is no real physical connection or interaction. Mankind is gregarious and needs the company of other human beings in order to be fulfilled emotionally and spiritually and be part of a community or society. This type of disconnection is almost the opposite to being disconnected from nature, so instead of a walk in the park or woods it is important to join a club or organization of like- minded people or even seek out that one relative with whom you have a lot in common and befriend them. This reconnection can work wonders for your health and wellbeing.images.jpg Eternal ancestors

Disconnection from your culture

If you are living in a foreign country or “alien” society it is very easy to feel “alienated” especially if you are from a different culture and even worse if you are from a different race or ethnic group. I recently replied to a young lady who stated that she was “so disconnected from her parents’ culture that she felt extremely depressed”. Apparently, her parents never encouraged her to speak their language so she can only speak English. When she is with her peers she feels left out when they start to speak their native language. Although I blame the parents for this short-sightedness I encouraged her to attend evening classes and even cultivate a friend who could help her learn her native language. This disconnection from culture can have deep adverse psychological effects on a young person’s psyche. When you are disconnected from your culture you lose the very essence of yourself, that part of your being that links you to your roots, family, ancestors and traditions. The very things that anchor you in life, especially if you are visibly different. Reconnecting with your culture gives you a sense of identity of which you should be proud. It identifies who and what you are and where you really belong. If you take on someone else’s culture you will always be seen as un-cultured. Be who you really are. Don’t masquerade as someone else. There is an African proverb which says “If we stand tall it is because we stand on the shoulders of many ancestors”. Stand tall and remain connected to your culture.

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